Lease End Options

Are you nearing the end of your INFINITI’s lease? INFINITI of Boerne knows that you have a few decisions to make at the end of your lease since you can end your lease in a few different ways. We’ve put together this page to help answer questions from drivers around Boerne and San Antonio, Texas, about lease end options.

We’ll cover the lease end return process and your three lease end options.  

End of Lease Return Process

What Is the End of Lease Return Process?

The INFINITI lease return process can be broken down into six easy steps.

The first step is to schedule your pre-return vehicle inspection. You typically want to do this inspection within 60 days from your lease ending. While some wear and tear on your vehicle is normal, this inspection checks for additional damage that may have taken place.

The next step is to decide if you want to repair your INFINITI. Sometimes, damage happens before or after your final inspections. You have the choice to repair your vehicle before returning it.

The third step is to make an appointment with your INFINITI retailer. You’ll want to do this 30 days before the end of your lease.

The fourth step is to complete the federal odometer and lease termination statement. This essentially shows your mileage and acts as a receipt for the return of your vehicle.

The fifth step is to satisfy any lease liability fee charges while the final step is to satisfy any other charges part of your lease. You might have some additional charges to finish out your lease. If you do, you’ll pay them at this stage.

Choosing New Vehicle

Lease End Options

You have three options for ending your lease.

The first is to pick a new vehicle to lease. You can test drive the car, find the one that’s right for you, and hit the road again, continuing your INFINITI lease. When you lease a new vehicle, you can also take advantage of loyalty offers or other specials.

Another option is just to return your leased vehicle. You won’t lease another car. You’re just returning it and walking away. After returning your vehicle, make sure you cancel any automatic payments and watch for end-of-lease liability charges.

Did you fall in love with the INFINITI you leased? The last option for the lease end is to purchase your ride. You’ll have a payoff amount, which is how much you need to pay to purchase your INFINITI. The price will have been agreed upon when you originally leased the vehicle.

Start Your Next INFINITI Lease Today

Now that you know what comes with ending your INFINITI lease and the lease end options available to you, are you excited to start your next lease? We at INFINITI of Boerne are here to help drivers from Boerne and San Antonio, TX, through the leasing and end-of-lease process, so it’s easy and straightforward.

If you’re ready to find your next ride, check out our inventory online. You can look through the different INFINITI models available for lease and schedule test drives.

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